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Working from Home and Living in Italy

Ciao a tutti! Lately I have been blogging a lot about starting my own business in Italy and how I ditched that and said Vaffanculo, or how I met Gina DeVee and how she inspired me to really believe in myself and have a zero excuse mentality. Today I’m blogging about Working from Home and Living in Italy! I don’t know about you, but teaching English in Italy just wasn’t for me. I never wanted to be a teacher (no hate teachers, you’re the bomb) but it just wasn’t me, I went to business school,I had big dreams, and I wanted to do what I love and am passionate about.

Through this year-long process of me realizing I needed to change my teaching job into something curated for my stile di vita (lifestyle) of constantly moving around with the Italian Navy and being a new mom I have found HAPPINESS and PEACE that I’m being myself and living my passion-in a foreign country.

Oh my God, that is so hard! To be myself in a foreign country! BUT I found that Italians are so amazed that an American knows how to cross-stitch, or crochet. I pleasantly told them that my great-grandmother passed down her skill to me and that I’ve spinned it into something modern inspired by Italy’s all white obsession (most things in my shop are white). They just love to converse with me about that. I wonder if they think my items are Italian in style, or very American looking…

This positive aspect in my life amidst the negativity that flows among many Italians like “how could you really make money online” or “ya but that would take forever to really build up” just motivates me more because I know I have the road map, they just can’t see the horizon.

I take part in several groups of expats who live in Italy where we talk about upcoming things and all things that pertain to Italia and I just so happened to come across this amazing girl named Theresa Apolonio .img_9616 She’s American and told me about how she works from home and actually makes a decent income from online marketing alone-no parties!

And then it hit me. That’s what expats need! A way to work from home and live in Italy without worrying about inventory and finding suppliers! Do you know how many people I read about and hear about that up and move to Italy while having an online business that allows them to work from anywhere? Sounds magical and too good to be true that you hate those people-but I know a couple who moved to Florence with their baby with an online marketing business, and are living their dreams!

Well Theresa gave me special news about Younique launching in the Italian market #WakeupBusinessPeople/SAHM/OnlineMarketers/People Obsessed With SOCIAL MEDIA!

You don’t need to be into makeup! You just need to know how to market online in order to make a steady income! Who doesn’t want an extra 1.000€ a month for just pinning away on Pinterest and posting on Instagram while drinking a bottle of vino on your couch? Sorry grandpa, the millennial job is real and people are making a fortune.

–Hear what Theresa has to say–

“When I’m not running around chasing my 4 kids (or my husband), or working my 9-5, I am “slinging” mascara. I fell in love with Younique after trying the 3D+ fiberlash mascara about two years ago and have been hooked ever since. I decided to become a presenter really just to be able to purchase my own mascara for a discount. Little did I know, I would have so much fun and build so much confidence in having my own business while helping other women feel beautiful.”

She also was so kind to write me a quick top 10 reasons to join over other makeup companies (not to mention that Younique is BRAND NEW IN THE Italian Market as of march 3, 2017)-which gives a serious competitive advantage. Here is her top 10 of why Younique and why she loves working from home for herself.

1.Zero Inventory, Zero Packaging, – All I have to do is market the product and collect my income. I don’t have to stash this stuff in my house, I don’t have to worry about running to the post office, I just market.

2. Work from home – I love that Younique is set up so that you can do everything from home, you don’t even have to host parties. I love that I have found another way (besides my 9-5) that I can earn money from home and still have plenty of time to spend with the kiddos.

3. Guilt free Social Media – Now I don’t feel bad about spending so much time on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or whatever your social media guilty pleasure is.  Being successful with Younique is possible to do entirely online through social media. My social media channel of choice for promoting Younique is Facebook.

4. Make new friends and reconnect with old ones – I have also made some genuine new friends. Plus, we really communicate and get to each other through our private Facebook group.  I feel so blessed to know these women and have them in my life.

5.The sky is the limit– Every time you make a sale, the commission is available to you 3 hours later. Commission is a high 20% and as your sales grow, you move up to different pay levels.

6. Be your own boss -Shout out to mompreneurs! You can do as much or as little work as you like.  It’s what you make it.

7. Support -The Facebook groups are amazing for connecting with other presenters to ask questions, get updates, and encouragement. But not only are the presenters in your group super helpful, so is Younique corporate.

8. Lowest startup cost– I have looked at a few other direct sales companies, and none of them have such a low startup cost. To become a Younique Presenter only requires a one time investment of $99.  This covers the cost of your website, your New Presenter’s kit, and a few other business tools to help you market.  And you never have to spend more than the initial $99 in your Younique career.

9. The Presenter’s Kit – I am a makeup junkie!  I love makeup. And the makeup that comes in the New Presenter’s Kit is amazing. Say, you snag the presenter kit, but just end up not having the time to devote to your own business, no harm done! You spent $99 on an amazing kit of makeup! That’s it; that doesn’t sound so bad to me.

10. It’s fun!  I absolutely love this “job.” So, if you have been thinking about joining Younique, I feel pretty confident saying that you won’t regret it. I would love to sponsor you and have you join my team.

If you want to know more about taking the plunge then jump over to my amazing site and take a look around or write me an email at

Theresa also hosts a Facebook group called Younique me already ITALIA where she gives makeup tutorials, makeup advice, and demonstrates new products! You can follow her group for lots of great

I’m happy I met her and found another girl who secretly indulges in her passion after the baby goes to bed through social media. She’s into makeup and makes money by talking about it. I’m into crochet and make money by sharing it. We are making money through our passions whether it be part-time for her or full-time for me. If that isn’t great enough, we do this on our computers from our homes! Talk about flexibility and freedom.

Keep tuned for my next post about business in Italy and how to work from home using the most fun, easy to use websites that teach you how to sell on social media and help you organise your online business!

Ciao ciao from Sicilia


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