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My perfect living space inspired by Italian design

Alloraaaaaa (well), as you all know I gain my design inspiration in Italy. From the moment I touched ground here 5 years ago I immediately noticed a trend-white, white, white! Hence my Etsy Shop is practically all white. I guess I caught the virus. Why do they love white decor? Because it’s FRESCO, clean and sleek. Perhaps deep down people choose white in Italy because it opens up a space, and we all know that Italian apartments aren’t spacious! Can I get a “mamma mia” up in here?

So today as I sit in my little Italian apartment in Sicily I’m dreaming of my future living room. Our house is currently being built in little ole Casarano (Apuglia region) and it will be a glass house with white and wood accents. We are hoping it will be finished by December. You wanna see my home decor collage of my dream living room? It’s down below!

Cup of fresh coffee on rustic wooden background

If you know me, you know I’m a minimalist. It’s the easiest way to keep things tidy especially when you’re a mom. I have one of everything, and that is all. Ok I lied…..I do have a lot of lipstick, but for house stuff I have one of everything! One throw blanket, no trinkets, one good rug, one tv…etc.


So the items that I chose for my collage are minimalistic by nature. They are simple have clean edges, are light in color, and spectacular of course! Almost all items I chose come from small businesses- individual artists who are trying to make it out there. Obviously I’m talking about Etsy. Heck yes! Etsy is so underrated. People think, ya but everything there LOOKS home-made. First of all, everything was handmade before it got to boring, factory status. When it comes to Etsy you gotta know what to search for in order to find the gems that I found (PS some of these items are actually in my house right now)

Here is the collage


And then there are these…


Can you guess which of these are in my house? I’ll tell you throughout the post. Let’s break down a few of these items. The poof is by far one of my most favorite pieces.img_9991
It’s sold by Kumeko on Etsy. She is a fabulous designer! She has her “giant yarn” made by hand and then sent to her so that she can develop this piece of art! (pssst, this is in my modern neutral nursery)

Then there’s this giant crochet rug, inspired by the antique granny square stitch baby blankets that every granny I know makes. This girl loves to mix the old with the new and has taken her skill and twisted it to fit the modern world (ahem….that’s me) This will be in my new glass house in December! img_0395Do you see a trend here? Designers using old techniques to create modern looks? Check out this throw made with 100% merino wool. What does that mean? It means it’s super soft!

Now let’s throw in some wood. Wood matches well with white and gray! That’s why this bookend below fits my dream living room vision.

img_9990Guess what else matches white, gray, and wood? Brown! What is this below you say? Ehhhh, it’s a tribal African headdress and this is featured on my wall in my entrance! Mine however is white, but SomAfrica sells these headdresses in many colors. I can’t wait to get two more coordinating headdresses to go with my white one. img_9993

Need a pop of color? Maybe all this gray and brown doesn’t hit your palate. What about botanical? The botanical style is definitely not popular in Italy at the moment, but I have seen some designers use it as wallpaper.


Against the flow, I created this basket which is reversible-with brown on the inside incase someone wants to flip it around and feature a more subtle look. When it comes to finding fabric in Italy it’s often “what you see is what you get” meaning they don’t produce that fabric forever. I’m hoping I bought enough to last!

Now this is a bold piece! She’s naked, she’s a chubby one, but she looks good! At least she does her hair and uses apple products! This would look good on a living room table or on top of a China cabinet. I’ve been eyeing down this piece on Pinterest for years. Scott Eaton makes more designs like Hercules carrying an iPad on his back. img_9999

This photo here isn’t buyable, but it helps me to think outside the box. Photos and art on the wall don’t have to be in a frame! Hang it up like this for a more casual look. Change your pictures when you feel like it, let them fall on the floor so that you can pick them up and admire them all over again! (don’t forget to mix in some of your kids’ art).


Speaking of art, did you see this doggy art? It’s subtle, simple, matches everything. Perfetto! That’s my kind of dog! The one that is on a wall, not making a mess in my house.


Next we have a round tappeto (rug) which was inspired by Morocco. Made with leftover t-shirts from the fashion industry.


And lastly some stockings. Who doesn’t think of Christmas throughout the year? I can’t be the only one. These were made by yours truly. I hunted down mom-and-pop shops in southern Italy to find the material and supplies I needed. The giant cross-stitch design on top is just another way that I visualize combining old techniques with the modern world.


So, what do you think? Are these items peaceful or what? They’re definitely not overly complicated.

If you are sitting in America right now thinking to yourself that you’ll never find European inspired styles like these in the US of A, you’re WRONG! Check out this store called Arhaus. Arhaus actually sells a load of modern furniture, decor, bedding…you name it! Check out their perfect living rooms for some inspiration.

I like them, they are FRESCO to me!

Has Italy inspired you in an artful way? Tell me about it! Comment below

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