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Spinning Wool in Rome

Read about how I stumbled upon a spinning workshop in Rome while running a crochet business in Italy! Fibers, hot tea, and Italian chocolate make for one happy girl digging deep into my feminine roots.

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Off Season Secrets of Italy

Hey there people everywhere! When I'm not talking about daily life in Italy and my adventure running my Italian business I'm talking about travel. You know it! When you live in Italy all year round apart from the touristy season of August you get to see a different side of Italy that is not full… Continue reading Off Season Secrets of Italy

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Meeting Gina DeVee and the Divine Living Academy

Do I have a story to share with you! In May of last year I rose up from the grave and decided to start blogging again. In that post I talked about recently having a baby and quitting my job in order to pursue my own business of modern home decor on Etsy. Gina DeVee, success… Continue reading Meeting Gina DeVee and the Divine Living Academy

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How I Fell into a Painting: Magari Estates Live in Italy part time

How I fell into a painting: Magari Estates, live in Italy part time!